Eagle Eye Roofing | Residential & Commercial Roofer in the Houston Area


Home Improvements Inside and Out

Let our more than 10 years of experience show you the way around home improvements that allow your property to generate more value. Eagle Eye Roofing specializes in the installations of roofs, fences, custom gutters, and more.

We Deal Directly With Homeowners and Their Insurance Company When Time Calls

Nothing is more convenient and practical than dealing directly with contractors when having vital systems installed or improvements done in your home. We are a local company run by a sole proprietor who follows a hands-on approach to every project being undertaken. Every task we do is done right, completed on time, and always accomplished with a keen focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Here in Texas we all know that the weather has its own ideas on how to treat us with some of those times not being so gentle.  Eagle Eye Roofing Eye Roofing can help you and the insurance process to get the proper reimbursement and help from your insurance company that you deserve. This process can be tricky but we will handle it with integrity and fairness to you.

All Our Services Are Insured

Newly built homes and existing ones enjoy the same amount of attention and professional expertise in the way we deliver our services. We always aim to make the complex process of making home improvements and major system installations in newly built houses simpler and easier for homeowners. All the services we render are insured.